Sprint HTC Arrive Costs Just $0.01 on Amazon

If you’re looking for a quality smartphone, the Sprint HTC Arrive might be just the thing for you, since Amazon has a special offer for it and it costs just $0.01.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3

The latest digital camera with interchangeable lenses from Panasonic is the Lumix DMC-G3, a 16MP camera which can film Full HD videos.

Samsung WB700 Digital Camera Arrives in South Korea

The WB700 ultra-zoom digital camera from Samsung offers 18X optical zoom and a 14.2MP image sensor and it’s being launched in South Korea right now.

SagemCom RM50 Internet Radio

If you’re a fan of radio shows, the SagemCom RM50 allows you to tap into a vast pool of radio stations, using the Internet via Wi-Fi to give you access to 13,000 stations.

Onda VX320 MP3 Player

The VX320 MP3 player from Onda is able to play MP3, APE and FLAC audio files and it retails for $30 (199 Yuan) in China.

IHOME iHM79SC Rechargeable Mini Speakers

These rechargeable mini speakers from ThinkGeek are called IHOME iHM79SC and they can be taken anywhere where you might need them. They work with iPods or any other type of audio source.